📝 Project description

As a designer, I was excited to take on the challenge of redesigning the labels and packaging for The Greenway – a Swedish company that prides itself on using only natural ingredients in its traditional vegan meals.
With a recent complete logo redesign in place, it was my job to bring the brand to the next level by creating packaging and labels that looked fresh and funky but also complied with strict Swedish laws regarding food packaging and labeling regulations.

I approached this project intending to combine a sense of freshness with a funky and cool vibe. Using two different fonts, I was able to create a feeling of movement and excitement.

👩 Role
Art Director

  • Packaging Design

🤝 Stakeholders

  • Business owner
  • Investors

💡 Project Outcome

The result is a package design that perfectly captures The Greenway’s commitment to quality, health, and innovation – making it a must-try for any eco-conscious foodie.