📝 Project description

Bringing the essence of The Greenway to life through the creation of its visual identity was an exciting challenge. The innovative Swedish company is changing the game in the food industry with its commitment to using only the purest, most natural ingredients in its delicious vegan meals.

The task was to visually capture this spirit of freshness and innovation in a unique and impactful way. To achieve this, I utilized two contrasting font styles to create a dynamic interplay that conveys a sense of movement and excitement.

👩 Role
Art Director

  • Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Research

🤝 Stakeholders

  • Business owner
  • Managers
  • Investors

💡 Project Outcome

The result is a logo that perfectly embodies the spirit of The Greenway – fresh, funky, and full of life. Whether you’re interested in a company that is pushing the boundaries of the food industry, or simply a lover of delicious, sustainably-sourced vegan meals, The Greenway is a brand not to be missed.