📝 Project description

Nigiry is a revolutionary app for editing photos without the need for computer editing software. With its intuitive design and simple, playful aesthetic, it allows you to add logos to your photos directly from your smartphone and instantly share them on social media.

The app was created by a team of UI/UX designers and PR experts to provide a cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking to streamline their post-production process.

👩 Role
UI/UX Designer

  • ‍Define the features
  • Visual and interaction design
  • Development collaboration

🤝 Stakeholders

  • Managers
  • Investors

🧱 Design approach

Our objective was to design a smart and playful UI for the app’s basic features (adding the user’s logo to images within the app). To make the design unique, our team also created custom built-in frame templates (called “skin” in the app).

To ensure the product stood out and met user needs, we conducted market and user research before starting the design process. Based on the findings and team input, the designer crafted user-friendly UI solutions.

🪜 The first steps

  • Gathering information about the user base.
  • Discussions with stakeholders.
  • Technical discussions with developers.

🗝️ Key Insights

  1. Lack of familiarity with editing tools made people feel overwhelmed.
  2. People were reluctant to spend extensive time on photo editing.
  3. The main objective of photo editing was to post them on social media.

📚 Initial process

While defining the basic features as a starting point, we aim to keep the user flow as easy as possible.
The design has clear goals defined, with three main objectives to inform future design decisions:

  • Simplifying the photo editing process.
  • Improving editing speed.
  • Utilising familiar frameworks from other photo editing software.