📝 Project description

As a designer, I was thrilled to work on the branding for Amber – a gem of a store located in the heart of Copenhagen. My goal was to create a clean and minimalistic design that still exuded class and sophistication.

To achieve this, I designed a custom logo featuring a drop icon that seamlessly blends with the “A”. The drop icon was chosen for its multiple meanings – representing both the natural beauty of fossilised tree resin and its use as a healing agent in folk medicine. The font I selected was minimalistic and elegant, and I customized it to give the logo a precious, finished look.

👩 Role
Art Director

  • Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Research

🤝 Stakeholders

  • Business owner
  • Managers
  • Investors

🎉 Project Outcome

The result is a timeless brand that truly embodies the essence of Scandinavian style. Amber is more than just a store – it’s an experience.